Lab and Heat Treatment

John Heine and Son has refined it’s processes, but is continually looking to raise the bar, to ensure the best end product possible to our customers.

In addition to computer modelling and state of the art machines, in our casting and Heavy machining stages, the John Heine Laboratory is engaged throughout the full process to ensure a quality product. The Heinehard proprietary alloys are cast and treated to specific parameters to tailor the product to what the customer requires.

A glow discharge spectrometer is used during the melt and casting process to ensure compliance within the specifications of the high grade alloys produced.

Heat Treatment is completed in large gas fired ovens fitted with multiple thermo-couples attached to the castings to give an accurate record of the treatment. Charts are recorded and available for quality purposes.

The laboratory is also stocked with a number of hardness testers and NDT test equipment to ensure quality control.

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Lab and Heat Treatment Sydney