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Pump Castings is the process of that use to design pump parts and cast using various types metals and alloys. John Heine is the leading pump castings manufacturer and specialist in Sydney, Australia. We are specialist in producing wide range of pump castings and casting pump parts and supplying wide Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia.


Over the years, John Heine and Son has been able to help customers with special requests. In these instances, the original manufacturer was either unable to assist or unable to be found. Using our vast experience and extensive in-house capabilities, we have been able to reverse engineer and manufacture a suitable spare part. Items include: a rolling mill side frame weighing 11 tons; a 300 ton press crown; a 200 ton hydraulic press frame; a 2 metre diameter pump impeller. If you require a large or hard to get spare part, please call us for assistance.


Sometimes our customer is looking for greater performance from his components. Our dedicated team of sales staff, engineers and metallurgists can analyse the problem and develop a solution that will optimise output but staying within the given parameters. We can tailor specific alloys to suit individual customers to maximise performance. Working in partnership with our customers over a period of time, we have in some instances been able to improve wear life by up to 50%. Contact our office for help with your particular wear problem.

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