Based in Sydney Australia, John Heine & Son Pty Ltd is a long established family owned engineering company.

It is centred on a modern machine shop and ferrous casting foundry and makes a wide variety of products principally for the general engineering and mining industries. While much of its product is sold in Australia, a large proportion is exported.

The company enjoys an excellent reputation in the market place for quality, reliability and competence.


  • Foundry
    The foundry handles captive work as well as a wide variety of castings for outside customers. An Inductotherm twin crucible induction furnace enables a wide variety of ferrous castings to be made up to about 15 tonnes in iron and 6 tonnes in steel. A state-of-the-art 60 ton per hour articulated arm mixer assists in rapid filling of large moulding boxes.  Combined with spectrographic analysis facilities, rigid quality control is standard procedure.


  • Machine Shop
    The machine shop is comprehensive and has capacity up to “medium” size. Quality and tolerances are constantly monitored by the metrology department.  The company maintains an externally accredited quality system complying with AS/NZS ISO 9001 on casting and machining work. Full fitting and assembly facilities are also available.The machine shop has over 50 machine tools, including horizontal borers, CNC and conventional long bed mills, CNC machining centres, surface grinders, a slide way grinder, CNC and conventional vertical borers, CNC lathes, cylindrical and centreless grinders as well as standard lathes, mills and drills.



The foundry produces ferrous castings in many specifications from grey iron, nodular or SG iron, high Ni and high Cr wear resistant alloys, through to alloy steels and stainless steel. Components are produced for the mining, quarrying and power generation industries in abrasive resistant irons.  The company also casts and machines slurry pumps in hard wearing chrome alloy irons. The machine shop and fitting areas have a strong market in machine re-building.

The company built its reputation on the manufacture of John Heine brand machine tools. This background has nurtured a culture of quality and precision, which permeates the entire organisation.

Around one quarter of the company’s output is exported to SE Asia, the America’s, Africa and Europe.  Exports mainly focus on products for the mining industry, but are supplemented by cast and machined items.



The company was founded in 1886 by John Heine, an engineer who migrated from England. He built up a manufacturing company that gradually specialised in power presses and forming dies. It was the first company to make automatic can making machinery in Australia, commencing around 1890.

The company quickly forged a reputation as Australia’s foremost machinery manufacturer and over the years has produced tens of thousands of machines for Australian industry, as a visit today to almost any factory in Australia will reveal. The range included metal stamping presses from 2 to 350 tonnes capacity, general sheet metal working machinery and can making machinery including 2 and 3 piece body makers, end presses and seamers. Such is the strength and quality of these machines that most are still in service today.

Foundry in Sydney - John Heine & Sons
Foundries in Australia - John Heine & Sons